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Sailor moon by Nisunca Sailor moon :iconnisunca:Nisunca 3 0 Untitled 06 by Nisunca Untitled 06 :iconnisunca:Nisunca 1 0 Magical girl 03 by Nisunca Magical girl 03 :iconnisunca:Nisunca 0 0 Untitled 04 by Nisunca Untitled 04 :iconnisunca:Nisunca 0 0 Untitled 05 by Nisunca Untitled 05 :iconnisunca:Nisunca 2 0 Madokami by Nisunca Madokami :iconnisunca:Nisunca 2 0 Madokami and Akuma by Nisunca Madokami and Akuma :iconnisunca:Nisunca 1 0 Untitled 03 by Nisunca Untitled 03 :iconnisunca:Nisunca 2 0 Untitled 02 by Nisunca Untitled 02 :iconnisunca:Nisunca 4 0 Untitled 01 by Nisunca Untitled 01 :iconnisunca:Nisunca 0 0 Ink 02 by Nisunca Ink 02 :iconnisunca:Nisunca 2 0 Ink 01 by Nisunca Ink 01 :iconnisunca:Nisunca 1 0 Magical girl 02 by Nisunca Magical girl 02 :iconnisunca:Nisunca 3 0 Magical girl 01 by Nisunca Magical girl 01 :iconnisunca:Nisunca 4 0
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[Silmarillion]Sauron by Wavesheep [Silmarillion]Sauron :iconwavesheep:Wavesheep 3,275 78 Silmarillion shorts: Sauron and Ar-Pharazon by Phobs Silmarillion shorts: Sauron and Ar-Pharazon :iconphobs:Phobs 2,174 111
Something to Discuss
Title: Something to Discuss
Author: blustersquall
Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
characters/pairing: Commander x Nevena Trevelyan
Disclaimer: Dragon Age: Inquisition is the property of Bioware, as is Cullen and any other characters mentioned within this piece. Nevena Trevelyan is my creation, under the Dragon Age: Inquisition player character, Trevelyan.
She had been pacing the bridge between Skyholds main keep and the Commander’s tower for the best part of an hour. Walking the same pathway back and forth waiting for his office to empty out and for a moment where they could talk in private.
The Commander was always thorough in his debriefings, it was just one of the many qualities Nevena admired about him. He made sure his scouts and his high ranking soldiers knew what they were doing. That there could be no question of the tasks they had been given. In turn meant they could properly feed the information down into their own ranks and squads without there being a misunderstand
:iconbluster-squall:bluster-squall 99 29
The power of love [Tom Riddle x Reader]
That filthy muggle.
Tom Riddle looked down at (and on) the shorter girl in front of him, as they were walking down the stairs. He was quite tall for his age, while that little mudblood was at least eight inches shorter, so he could take a look at the top of her head. Her [hair colour] locks rested on her shoulders, and Tom noticed to himself that it was rather bright.
Well, in fact she wasn’t muggle (obviously, then she wouldn’t be here, in Hogwarts) nor mudblood, it was only that she was a half-blood witch. Just like he himself was a wizard. Still, she incredibly annoyed him and his pride.
Dancing with a girl like her – what a shame. He couldn’t be less interested in the winter ball, dancing and such things, but he was forced to. Not literally though; it was only that his teacher, Slughorn, the potions professor remarked that ’Oh, Tom and Ms. [Last name], you look so good together, both genius and good-looking, if only you danced t
:iconbarbychan:Barbychan 237 47
hades and persephone 2 by sandara hades and persephone 2 :iconsandara:sandara 144,621 11,193
One Last Embrace [Zuko]

"Dear, give me one last embrace, before we part ways." 
"The Sozin's Comet landed in the Fire Nation and has caused chaos! Protect the Firelord at all costs!" A guard, slim-built and tall, wearing the standard uniforms of the Fire Nation soldiers barked. Meanwhile, fire spread across the Fire Nation's citizens homes, fiercely licking the roofs,  and viciously burning it to the ground.
It was ironic. The comet that was suppose to give them the power which would be equivalent to a thousand suns to win this war, had backfired and become their worst enemy. The flames that enveloped the Sozin's comet could not be bended. They had miscalculated, and had forgotten about the legend of the Alien Fire Invasion.
"Protect Princess Azula and Prince Zuko at the costs of your life!" The guard from before barked. His colleagues that
:iconscarletflame26:ScarletFlame26 49 14
Fighting Fire With Fire (Corazon X Reader)
"Is she going to be alright doctor?" he asked while the room fell quiet.
The doctor looked at Doflamingo and let out a sigh. He pushed his glasses up with a finger and looked him straight in the eye.
"It seems so. I've already researched her symptoms and the sickness shouldn't be fatal." he said clicking his pen and writing down on a notepad. "I recommend that she takes two of these pills, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Make sure she stays in bed for plenty of rest and eat properly. She should be cured in a few days but here's my number if there's any problems." he handed him a bottle of pills and a piece of paper with his number.
"Fufufu thank you doctor, I'll escort you outside while we talk about your payment." Doflamingo informed.
The men walked out the door and came to a stop when Doflamingo turned to his brother who was watching from the doorway. 
"Here." he handed the pills to Corazon with a serious face. "I have a meeting to go after this so take care of her
:iconmiss-kraken:Miss-Kraken 185 18
body study by Bayko body study :iconbayko:Bayko 2 2 LotR/S: Silmarillion Height Chart by Houkakyou LotR/S: Silmarillion Height Chart :iconhoukakyou:Houkakyou 32 4
So Cold - ||Trafalgar Law x Reader||
       A simple display of affection; the sound of a deep voice penetrating her ears, his pale skin brushing against that of a others being a few shades lighter. It all followed and floated under the obnoxious sound of machinery pumping and beeping-- a sign to show they were working to their full extent.
    Too bad she, you, were no longer awake to hear it or for any of it to register on your mind. No longer conscious. Not but caught up in a world of silence, darkness and pure loneliness.
    Dark, emotionless eyes  trailed over the the body laid out before him, almost on display-- certainly as still as if she were stuffed and shoved inside a glass box, put out for all to see. Blinking as they wandered for the umpteenth time, his dark lashes brushed against the darker than usual skin that created a lining on the bags under his eyes. He had not slept. He had continued to sit in a cold, hard chair by her bedside in an equal cold room; not sim
:icontubbytuna:TubbyTuna 154 57
Golden crowns (Sabo x reader x Ace)
 Somewhere on a distant shore away from here, let's build a home together on a quaint little hill with a lonely tree.

  The sunlight shone brightly, casting its warm and welcoming rays down on to the four kids. Right now, everything seemed right in the world, not one worry could reach (y/n) when she was here with the three boys. They made her life seem a little brighter, they where her best friends, her precious people...her treasure.
 Even though she had a bad home life, poor and barely able to afford clothing, she had them. Visiting them made everything better, they made her smile, and with them her days seemed to be vibrant and colorful.
 She wanted this to last forever, lazing about peacefully with the three, her hair scattered beneath her as she basked in the light of day. This time she spent with them was made up of precious memories, each and every day a new moment to experience. She loved them.
:iconriseagainstevil:riseagainstevil 99 30
Luffy vs Fridge by SybLaTortue Luffy vs Fridge :iconsyblatortue:SybLaTortue 2,263 397
SPN Angels x Reader - (Too much) Wing Oil
A loud crashing noise in your kitchen made all your hunter’s bells ring in red alert.
Gripping the nearest gun, you slowly approached the door, the book you’ve been reading now forgotten on the ground underneath the couch.
Gun first, next you peaked around the corner, expecting the worst.
What you caught sight of made you drop the gun instantly and rush over in the other room:
Gabriel had crash-landed on your kitchen-table, throwing over the chairs around it while flapping his golden wings helplessly.
He had landed on his stomach, and was now trying to sit up, but something kept constantly dripping from his wings, smeared on the wood and made it impossible to gain grip, causing him to land several times hard on his chin, before he gave up.
His golden wings were dark with what poured off of them, and after another two seconds you recognized the mysterious liquid as wing oil. What made you furrow your brows nonetheless was the huge amount of said liquid, spilling on the table
:iconclaragryffon:ClaraGryffon 678 113
Spring by kiwisparked Spring :iconkiwisparked:kiwisparked 697 25 father and son and a little bit of Elrond by RinGreen father and son and a little bit of Elrond :iconringreen:RinGreen 2,192 74 Welcome Gimli, son of Gloin, to Valinor by heathlynnn Welcome Gimli, son of Gloin, to Valinor :iconheathlynnn:heathlynnn 1,482 71



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